A new phishing campaign distributing malware pretends to be from the Spamhaus Project warning that the recipient’s email address has been added to a spam block list due to sending unsolicited email.

Spamhaus Project is an organization that creates spam block lists that mail servers can utilize to block known spammers from sending emails to recipients in their organization.

If you are an email administrator, then you are most likely familiar with this organization and how removing one of your IP addresses or domains from their block list can be an arduous task, to say the least. Due to this, using Spamhaus as the theme of your phishing scam could alarm email administrators enough to cause them to hastily open the link in the email and thus become infected.

Avoiding phishing threats

As more users become aware of the common invoice, shipping notices, and financial reports phishing scams, attackers need to come up with unique phishing themes to convince a recipient to open an attached document or click on an enclosed link.

phishing email

phishing email

By using scare tactics, such as adding an email address to a spam block list, the attackers hope that the recipient will make a rushed decision and overlook clues like the document being a VBS file and open it.

As login credentials are always a prime target for these types of attacks, it is highly recommended that users add two-factor authentication to their logins if available as this will make it harder for attackers to log into exposed accounts.

When receiving emails, no matter who they are from, always be sure to scan any attachments or files being distributed before opening them.

It is also advised that you contact your network or email administrator about strange emails so that they can be warned and aware of these attacks.